Providing Transitional Housing and Supportive Services for Women & Children Who Have Survived Domestic Violence
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A Stepping Stone’s mission is to demonstrate Christ’s love by supporting women and children in our community with compassion as they make the transitional journey from abusive relationships into healthy, independent lifestyles. Our goal for every woman who has overcome her abusive situation is that she value the genuine strength which has risen within herself.

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A Stepping Stone is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 that was created & developed by a survivor of domestic abuse who knows first- hand the struggle and terror of leaving the abuser. Often it is impossibly difficult it to find more than 24-hour housing and long-term support to make a permanent transition. A Stepping Stone makes all of this possible with its programs and transitional support plans. The Board of Directors consists of five professions, a CPA treasurer, and a secretary dedicated to the success of this non-profit. The board meets at least 6 times a year and is in constant communication to ensure funds are properly distributed. and decisions are made quickly.

Supportive Services

Providing Support for Women Who Have Survived Domestic Violence

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There's more if we just look...

As I sit in my beautiful courtyard watching the birds and butterflies dance around, I notice two Cardinals exploring large, octagon bird feeder I have in the front yard. Since we have many birds, both large and small, eating from our feeder, much of the seeds falls under the feeder. Interestingly, these Cardinals decide that their best option is to land under the actual bird feeder and eat the fallen seeds. From my perspective, I see the plentiful seed hanging just above their heads….if only they would look up, see the tons of food, and chose to fly there. I cheer for them in my head “Look above you. You would have plenty of food to eat and to return to if you would just look up!” The it hit me! We are just like those Cardinals. Sometimes, we think we have found a good place, peaceful, or blessed. So we sit there, seemingly content but too worrisome to look up….when only if we did look up, we would be blessed with much more than we could ever imagine!! God has a plan and purpose for each of our lives (and He already sees it just as I could with those birds). Everyone is extremely important and could be abundantly blessed if only we would look UP!


Walking into the living room, you encounter your husband (or wife) angrily stating that he cannot believe you left the kitchen cabinets open again. “Are you incompetent or just stupid?” You freeze. Wait a second, you think. I literally just walked in the door from a 10 hour day at work, greeted the kiddos, went directly upstairs and changed out of my work clothes.
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