Providing Transitional Housing and Support for Women & Children Who Have Survived Domestic Violence
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Supportive Services

A Stepping Stone’s services are just as unique as the women we serve. That is why we will create a customized plan of action for each client. Creating an individualized plan will assist each woman to thrive by realizing specific goals and visions for her life and the idea that they can be achieved. Women who have left a violent situation are strong and can overcome obstacles needed to begin a new journey in life. Sometimes the difference between successful transitions and challenging ones is just a little support. We at A Stepping Stone feel it is a privilege to walk alongside her during this transition. We will make every effort to provide the assistance she needs for a successful transition, empowering her to become self-sufficient and healthy. We will walk beside her as she learns personal development, financial skills, how to become part of the community as well as accessing the resources available, and how to manage independent living. To apply for any of our services, Click Here for the application and submit via mail or email.

Supportive Services overview

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is for a woman and her children that have recently experienced domestic violence, are not in imminent danger, and do not have adequate housing at the moment.....

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